Founders Imports
Redefine foundations. Sell bags. Give back.
Founders Imports is a socially conscious accessories brand designing unique handwoven Guatemalan artisan handbags. 10% of all profits are donated back into healthcare and education into the communities where it was made.
My mission? Help Founders Imports become the brand it deserves, increase ticket sales and brand recognition, and open new streams of revenue–all without losing it's Guatemalan culture in the new branding.
A lack of brand direction and visual cohesiveness lead to an incomplete buyer experience. Although active in wholesale acquisition, the lack of a strong brand foundation led to a disconnect and hesitancy from the customer to purchase the high-ticket handbag.
Founders needed to establish a cohesive brand image and create an immediate action plan to conquer the holiday sales.
After a two month intensive recreating the brand image and establishing a repeatable digital strong holiday digital marketing campaign, sales October-December increased 9x over the previous holiday season.
Working closely with the Founders production team, we designed new handbags specific to the season and re designed all packaging for the campaign. Tags, packaging, website, and email templates, were items the company could take into the next quarter confidently. As a result, there was a 200% increase in sales during the spring sale season.

The Founders Imports holiday campaign came to a close after the New Year. The company closed their biggest holiday season in sales to date boasting 9x the sales, tripling their email list and organically growing a social following from 27 to 1500 in 3 months.  The 2018 holiday campaign proved to be the most successful year in both audience growth and sales, showing positive growth on every front.

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